Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

StunningModel, Unipessoal Lda., tax payer number 514824832, established in Lisbon, agent of the concept Dinner Time Story: Le Petit Chef (herein after called Dinner Time Story Portugal) (phone no.932 398 020 and webpage address www.dinnertimestory.pt ).

These general Terms and Conditions regulate the access, use and privacy of www.dinnertimestory.pt which Dinner Time Story Portugal makes available to consumers in order to analyze and conclude the acquisition of the Program (delivery of a Tasting Menu, during which it will be offered a show) and payment procedure that will be executed and controlled by Stripe, Inc. Through the Program use and purchase consumers accept present Terms and Conditions.

Nevertheless, Dinner Time Story Portugal recommends to all consumers, before the purchase of the Program, a careful reading of the present Terms and Conditions for use and purchase of the Program.

A. General Rules of the Concept.

  1. Dinner Time Story is an international concept, where its agent Dinner Time Story Portugal will have local partners for the production and direction of the Program.
  2. It will be the Partners (whose information is on the main website in www.dinnertimestory.pt) responsibility to accomplish the Program.

B. General Rules of the Restaurant.

  1. The Program will always start on time;
  2. Should there be some kind of delay on the Customer part, and if the Program has already begun, there will not be any kind of reimbursement by Dinner Time Story Portugal;
  3. Dress code: smart casual;
  4. Smoking is not permitted. It’s not allowed to have mobile phones with sound while the Program takes place;
  5. Any attempt of physical contact with the participants of the Program is strictly forbidden.

C. Payment and Strip Account

  1. The ticket issued to the Program includes the Tasting Menu without drinks, during which will be offered a show.
  2. The Tasting Menu is not subject to any changes. It is the sole responsibility of the client to specify food restrictions at the time of booking.
  3. The personal data provided by the client is considered of the utmost confidentiality.
  4. Dinner Time Story Portugal is responsible for providing support to Customers regarding sending invoices, cancellations, and refunds related to the services provided.
  5. According to the applicable law, Dinner Time Story Portugal is responsible for the determination of taxes or fees applicable to services provided.
  6. Dinner Time Story Portugal is responsible for providing receipts or invoices to consumers related to the services provided; verifying the identity of consumers; and determining the eligibility and the consumer authority to complete the purchase of the Program.
  7. It is the responsibility of Dinner Time Story Portugal to inform the consumers that has hired a third party (Stripe, as identified above), to perform and control the Processing of the acquisition of services provided by Dinner Time Story Portugal. Similarly, Dinner Time Story Portugal takes hold, together with the referred company, all reimbursement procedures, cancellation or adjustment policy, explaining clearly the process through which consumers can be reimbursed.

D. Cancellation and Return

  1. According to the applicable law, Dinner Time Story Portugal establishes that it will reimburse 100% of the price of the ticket purchased for the Program, only if this reimbursement is requested until eight days prior to the event;
  2. According to the applicable law, Dinner Time Story Portugal establishes that it will reimburse 50% of the price of the ticket purchased for the Program, only if this reimbursement is requested until two days prior to the event;
  3. The booking date maybe changed to any available date until 48 hours prior to the event, and only twice;
  4. It is possible to change the name of the reservation until the very day of the event;
  5. To request a refund or change the reservation date in the terms described above, the consumers must send an email to booking@dinnertimestory.pt requesting the refund or the change and indicating all identifying information regarding the booking and the client;
  6. The invoice with tax payer number must be requested to the Booking Centre via the email address booking@dinnertimestory.pt;

E. General Rules for use the Site.

  1. This page and its relevant data are personal and not transferable, and any improper use of the same is entirely the responsibility of the consumers.
  2. Consumers are always responsible for confirming the information given in this page.
  3. When buying the ticket to the Program, consumers accept all conditions herein. The completion of the process of acquiring the services confirms that the client is aware of all terms and conditions.

F. Pricing.

  1. The total value of the acquisition Program (which could vary from booking to booking, when certain requirements are met) that appears on the website is published in EUR and includes taxes and rates in force at the time of the offer and, if applicable, the acquisition commission set forth by Stripe.
  2. The prices indicated are valid all the while they are published, notwithstanding Dinner Time Story Portugal may change the price without any prior notice. However, this change will not affect purchases already carried out, without prejudice to cases of manifest error.
  3. Dinner Time Story Portugal informs that the Program does not include the supply of any drinks, before, after or during the time when the Tasting Menu is served, so any drinks that are requested and served throughout the Program, shall be paid by consumers at the end of the Program, in accordance with the price list that will be provided.

G. Purchasing Procedures

  1. Consumers should follow all the steps and information provided in the webpage, or by telephone, in order to perform the acquisition procedure;
  2. The payment methods are included in the acquisition process and no other forms should be admitted (payments by Credit Card, Master Card, American Express and bank transfer are accepted).
  3. To request payment through bank transfer, the consumer will have to send an e-mail to booking@dinnertimestory.pt, containing all of the necessary information to acquire the Program.
  4. Bank transfer as a payment method will only be accepted if accompanied by proof of transfer issued by a bank and must be made until 48 hours prior to the event. The reservation for the intended date will only be confirmed after the transfer’s proof is received.
  5. Once the Program purchase is finalized as defined herein, consumers assume the obligation to prepay the services to be provided.

H. Liability Exclusion

  1. The use of this page is free and voluntary. Dinner Time Story Portugal declines any responsibility for any damages that may arise as a result of using this website. In the same way, there is no guarantee that the access to this website will be uninterrupted or error, virus or damaging material free and is not subject to complaints, penalties, compensations or expenses that may arise from the use or ineffectiveness of the website or the unauthorized access or modifications thereof.
  2. Dinner Time Story Portugal reserves the right to make changes and corrections, suspend or terminate this website when it considers appropriate and without prior notice to any user, and without prejudice to full compliance with the obligations already assumed by consumers.
  3. Dinner Time Story Portugal Group does not previously filter or monitor the content transmitted to this website by third parties and shall not be responsible for the filtering of any content of this kind. If notified, Dinner Time Story Portugal may investigate an alleged infringement to the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the website and may determine that the information be removed from it.
  4. The user is committed not to transmit on this website any illicit, defamatory, pornographic or outrageous content which may violate the law. Dinner Time Story Portugal will work with law enforcement authorities that order the disclosure of the identity of any person who transmits such content.
  5. This disclaimer is not intended to limit the liability of Dinner Time Story Portugal or exclude its liability in cases in which it is legally permitted.

I. CopyRight and Other Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The contents of this website, including images, text, advertising, audio or other material, is protected by copyright and related rights, under the general terms of the law and by the national and international legislation of intellectual property protection.
  2. It is not allowed to display, reproduce, modify or transmit the contents of the website in any way, either for public or commercial purposes, without the prior and express written consent of Dinner Time Story Portugal.
  3. Exceptions to this interdiction are the free uses authorized by law, namely the right to quote, as long as its origin is clearly identified.
  4. The use of the website for illegal purposes and any other purposes that may be considered undignified for Dinner Time Story Portugal’s image is expressly prohibited.

J. Use and Risk.

  1. All users are forbidden to add any virus or programs that can destroy, infect the website or to advice third parties to do it. Infringement will lead to prosecution.
  2. By using this webpage, consumers agree not to perform any conduct that may (a) violate the law, the Terms and Conditions of the Program; (b) damage the image, the interests and the rights of Dinner Time Story Portugal or third parties; (c) damage, disable or overburden this page or that may prevent or alter, in any way, the normal use of this page; (d) use false identities, replace the identity of others in the use of this page or in the use of any of the services; (e) use the services and functions available with purposes or effects contrary to law, moral codes and norms of good, public order, or that may be interpreted as distasteful, offensive or controversial; (f) violate any rights of intellectual or industrial property belonging to Dinner Time Story Portugal or third parties; (g) use the services and functions available, and in particular the data and information of any kind obtained through this page to send advertising, commercial or other communications, unsolicited bulk messages or SPAM, as well as to trade or otherwise disclose such data and information. Likewise, the User is expressly committed not to destroy, alter, render useless or, in any way, damage the data, programs or electronic documents and any other material found on this website. The User is expressly committed not to introduce programs, virus, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other kind of logical or sequential characters’ device that cause or may cause any kind of alteration to the I.T. systems.
  3. The User shall be accountable for the damages, of any nature, that Dinner Time Story Portugal suffers, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the breach of any obligations, duties and rules provided in this webpage.
  4. Dinner Time Story Portugal implements reasonable security measures which are adequate to detect the existence of virus. However, the User must be aware that Internet Security measures are not impregnable Dinner Time Story Portugal does not guarantee the absence of a virus, malicious software, worms, third-party social engineering attacks (phishing, pharming, Trojans, etc.) or other elements that may cause changes to the User’s computer system (hardware and software).
  5. Dinner Time Story Portugal reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily or definitively, and without prior notification, the access to this page, as well as the provision of all or any service provided through it, whether for reasons of technical operations, control, security, maintenance, lack of electrical supply, repair, updating, improvements or any other cause, without any compensation being for that fact.
All emergent questions regarding Terms and Conditions for use and purchase of the Program must be by email: info@dinnertimestory.pt.